Thursday, November 19, 2009

Civil Civility

DISCLOSURE: My oldest has gone to Kanakuk for 2 summers. My youngest will when old enough.

Pete Newman, a former director at Kanakuk, a camp run by and for believers in Christ, has been charged with several horrific acts with kampers. Now it is alleged that some of those acts took place at kamp and even further alleged that Newman's bosses had received reports of incidents and counselled him about his actions. This Kanakuk dad/trial lawyer sees only one possible conclusion, Kanakuk will face lawsuits over this.
I am so conflicted over this. How would I handle it if these young men or their parents came to me wishing to recover from Kanakuk for their damages? I would represent them. That is my oath to the law. I know that some find this in conflict with God's word. I do not.
The bible says we should not drag each other into court over church matters. Is this one? What church leaders do you take this conflict to for resolution if it cannot be worked out among the parties? Who determines what will right the wrongs done to these
Is "Kanakuk" a Christian? I believe that many of its leaders are Christians. I do not believe any organization should ever be labeled as Christian. I think I have said here before that "Christian" make a great noun and a terrible adjective.
Does Kanakuk have insurance? Is that a doubtful faith? Absolutely not. It is prudent stewardship of its leaders.
What about their duty to protect the thousands who pay thousands to spend time at Kanakuk every year? I hope that Joe and the rest take full responsibility for any mistakes they MAY have made. And more than that, I hope that whatever lawyers the victims find to represent them will seek the Truth and represent them with dignity.
Do Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly.

P.S. I just spent far too long posting this on way more websites talking about this than I ever expected to find. I hope fo the best in these conversations and know that Good will prevail. It just might take a while.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Civility of Children

My in-laws have in their dining area an 11x17 of this poster except it says "You Lie" at the bottom in homage to the "patriotic act" of some knuckleheaded junior congressman. I got to stare at it all night as I ate the most delicious prime rib.
After dinner, E picked it up and said condemningly, "This is not funny." An adult retorted smugly, "You're right. It isn't." I am so proud of my little girl and sad for that adult. I am not proud that she stuck up for Obama's politics or beliefs. I don't expect her or any 3rd grader to understand or have a political opinion or affiliation. I am proud that she somehow at age 8 sees the disrespect of it all. I would hope she would have reacted the same when Bush was being raked over the coals.

There is truly little civility left in the world, and even less in politics. I pray that she can hold firm to her developing personal convictions with the due respect of people and position in the midst of extremists on both sides who would rather blindly identify with a network, party or dogma than consider the merits in the many sides of any public debate. And I hope she never forgets that behind every belief, there is a child of God.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Tomorrow - the word has never seemed more ominous. Tomorrow will either be one of the, if not the very, worst day of my life, OR it will mean that this mountain of work that seems to consume my being will not be ending anytime soon, if ever. Seriously, what kind of choice is that?

Tomorrow is a day many are rewarded with the single phrase "be careful what you wish for."

97% is no consolation today. Seriously, is it better to be one of the 2 or 3 from your school that missed the mark or one of the 15-20% that failed?

How will you know if I passed? If you see my resume posted on, you'll know I did not.