Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I started a twitter account with every intention of being a productive part of the "twitterverse." But that crap is nonsense. So now is a haven for twitter's lone naysayer (or should i say "naytweeter"? no. i should not).

If you are on there, follow me to freedom. And suggestions are always welcome.

Here's some samples
Why twitter blows #1 - your mom does it.

Why twitter blows #3 - "Tweet"? Seriously? That's what they settled on? Dirt dobbers.

Why twitter blows # 4 (from Dave) - "if I'm on facebook, what does Twitter add for me-I've got an account, but can't figure out why I care."

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Life in the New Reality

Easter came. Christ arose. The bunny died. And all is well.

One of the most astounding qualities of any living creature is the ability to adapt to incredible changes in circumstances or reality. It was every bit as true on that first Easter as it was for my little E today. Just hours later she has gotten over what was certainly the most tramatic experience in her first 8 years on earth. And now, she cannot contain the new truth. She wants to tell everyone. But since CG is still living with the bunny, E must be measured and patient sharing this new and now wonderful truth.

Imagine those disciples on Easter. The disappointment reached a low they had never imagined. Not only was He dead. But now? Now he was gone from the grave.

And this was devastating. Until they realized he was more than gone. He is Risen. A new, strange, frightening reality. A reality they weren't sure they could accept. A truth they didn't know how to live with. But it didn't take long. They couldn't stop themselves. They told everyone. And we still do. We tell everyone. Sometimes the wrong people. Sometimes to our own demise and peril. Sometimes with people who just aren't ready. But we still do it. We still tell the truth to anyone and everyone.

We have to. It's our reality.

Shattered Dreams

I can't believe I did it. I have never broken her heart like this. Nobody had. The shock and pain washed over her face leaving a flood of tears as lasting proof. I thought she knew. I assumed she at least suspected.

But she didn't. She was floating along in that childlike wonder believing all was just as I had said. One sentence. Six little words formed a statement that would forever change our worlds.

It is my fault. I led her to believe this fairy tale. I was the one who told her it was true. But, how could she not have known? It was obviously too good to be true. I mean, seriously, a rabbit who can carry enough candy to supply all the children in the world? It's absurd.

But it was her reality. And it has been shattered and forever reformed. She's a little bit wiser, a little less naive.

And isn't that what Easter is really all about?