Saturday, March 22, 2008

State of Things

Woke up early this morning with Car(e) and started thinking. I'll blame that on Prof. Osler's blog. That, and it seems that Easter weekend is always a time for me to take a hard look at where I am in relation to where Christ is. And honestly, I am not anywhere near there. I think I have slipped into being a good person. And there is nothing "good" about that. It is not what I am made for. I know that. Even during a time when I am questioning so much about so many things, I still know that there's something more. And not know exactly what it may be is no excuse to not pursue it with purity and passion. Saying more now would be rambling.

Well, what's so wrong with one little ramble. There are so many self-sufficient humans who live with no regard for any god or one other that God. Are they really self-sufficient or just unaware of the enabling they receive? Is that unawareness a hinderence here? Man, I can only imagine what they would accomplish without that handicap. Or is the setback waiting on the other side? That seems awfully sadistic - enabling someone to fail while not even knowing it.

End ramble

Anyhow, Happy Easter.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Home Phone

We have one but never use it. We probably wouldn't if it weren't for our alarm system and Dish Network. This is the opinion of an acquaintance of mine. I like it.
I am still a fan of the home phone, but maybe that's because I'm home now. In fact, I hardly use my cell anymore. I like the idea of the family phone, a medium through which friends and relatives can reach us as a family, and a number that work people don't have. Alan's sister and her husband don't have a home phone, and I've always thought it was odd that I've never once spoken to her husband on the phone, even for two minutes. I also love a home phone because you don't feel compelled to answer it at all hours of the day. Plus, when I have a conversation on the home phone, I usually devote my full attention to the person on the other end. I think that's nice and polite.
What are your thoughts on the home phone? Old-fashioned? Outdated?