Friday, December 26, 2008



I am surrounded by emptiness this morning. I am sitting alone in a large living room. The silence is hard to wear this morning, kinda like my belt on Christmas Eve. What a feast. But the feast turned to a gluttony of consumerism. And now I sit alone in the vomitorium. Too much?

But seriously. I have been wondering why I haven't felt Christmassy. I had chalked it up to stress and fatigue and a million other things. But I haven't felt that sense of overwhelming joy even one time this season.

Don't misunderstand. I have enjoyed spending so much time in Bmt with the girls. Great food. Good times. Good service on Christmas Eve. And there weren't even any major blowups. So that success should be acknowledged.

And yet I sit, surrounded by empty boxes, shreds of shiney paper and plastic package carcuses. I guess the lesson I must learn yet again this year - Exceess can lead to emptiness. Next year I promises to keep it simple in an attempt to keep it pure.

Monday, December 1, 2008

My '82 Berlinetta

Today all over this country young men and women are being trusted for the first time by various governmental entities with the ability to traverse the treacherous blacktop trails of this great land. In 1991, when I received my "hardship" license, these kids weren't even conceived. I am old enough to wait the lifetime it takes to get to drive TWICE.
My first was a 1982 Camero Berlinetta. The thing would fishtail on dry roads. It didn't have a CD player for the first year. Which wasn't all that uncommon back then. When I finally got my CD player and installed it, the first CD I blared was...C&C Music Factory. I was just a squirrel... Actually, I don't think I even knew what that line meant. Ah, the innocence. Anyhow, here's a pic. It's actually an '83 but almost identical and for sale for only $899.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

As Yakov Smirnoff says

I am one of the people who admits to race being a factor in my vote. Not the only factor, or even a major factor - but a factor nonetheless. And I thought about whether, with all that will be said, to say anything in this format or not.
But I do want to express the feeling of gratitude and grace that came upon me this morning.
Not last night as I listened to an amazing American calling for a united country to move forward after losing a hard fought campaign - although that was a phenomenal speech that almost made me tear up.
Not as I watched tears stream down the weathered faces of those who fought for the right to go to the same schools as my parents - although that brought many thoughts of my grandfather's character and the past that I come from, both positive and negative.
Not as I listened to out next president take time to talk about his daughters' new puppy. That just reminded me of Sugar Bear running down the hall screaming "Mommy" when Jade barked at him at my 4th grade birthday party.
It was this morning. It was the next day and the normalcy of it all. Peaceful transfer of power. That is democracy. That is freedom.
And I am extatic that my children live in a world where a PTA mom from Alaska can be the vice-presidential nominee.
And I am amazed that the past two democratic presidents have come from non-political families - single parent homes at that - while the past two republican presidents came from (the same) political families and old money. Maybe that is why I am leaning more towards the democratic party these days. I need some idealism. And they seem to live theirs out at proof.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nothing wrong with a little hope and change

I voted. It didn't take long. Now to study for my last final as a 2L.

Monday, November 3, 2008

First mention by Texas Lawyer

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Separate Celebrations

Confusing title, I know. But I don't have much time and really need to get this down. Today is Catherine's birthday.
I am not with her.
That stinks. A lot.
Especially since in addition to celebrating the special day in the life of my favorite person on the planet, I want to be with her to celebrate my national championship!
Yup. Four boys from little 'ol Waco went all the way up to the cold and daunting campus of Michigan State and beat out 25 other teams to win the National Trial Advocacy Competition. It was amazing. We got back today. And it is back to studying like crazy for PC (finals start in 6 days).
So, I am here in Waco. Catherine is there in Beaumont with the girls. And we celebrate apart. I want to include what I wrote to her this morning. I just want everyone else to know how much I love her, too.

I am so thankful to call you my wife. You are an amazing woman. I have thought about you so much this trip and really wished this tournament would have been any other weekend. You are my heart. You are the one I think of when my mind isn't "working". You are the one I remember when I need inspiration. You are the one I imagine when my heart is lonely. You are the one I rush to whenever I can. You are nothing I ever expected. You know that. You know how much I wasn't looking for you. And you know how absolutely blessed I am that, in spite of not looking, I found you. My wife. My love. My passion.

Alright. Back to work...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Signs of the End of Days

1) "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" grossed $29 million, the best October debut in Disney history.
Even at $10 a ticket, that's still almost 3 million people that PAID to watch a feature length taco bell commercial.

2) I have posted to the blog two days in a row.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Parenting I can relate to

I don't like to discipline the girls a lot when I am only seeing them on weekends. But I also don't want them forgetting the rules. Fortunately they are, for the most part, amazing. They "helped" us paint our bedroom in the new house today. Things are going very well on that front. The finished product will be worthy of HGTV. Too bad I have lost the charger for my fancy-schmancy video camera. We have a lot of before photos, though. Maybe I'll get a chance to post those somewhere on the www someday.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Blog Rec

Don't get excited. I have no time to write anything earth-shaking. PC is still hard. Ike has kept my family out of Beaumont for two weeks (no damage to houses). I am going to miss Cat's 30th because I am on a mock trial team and the tournament is that weekend.

But I did want to quickly recommend a good friend's good blog. I quite enjoy the openness and sincerity of it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Getting Edgy

Ok, I love politics as a spectator sport. Seriously, what a bunch of whack jobs. I was so excited with the Palin pick. I thought it did away with many of the superfluous arguments about minority, experience, outsider/insider, etc. I thought we were going to have a real debate on the issues. Then Jamie Lynn Spears had to go and send Palin's daughter gifts of support. Anyhow, the thing that I have to say something about is the insanity from the RNC floor. Listening to Pouts '08 on XM (the best coverage around) is driving me mad. Every person they talk to, from Orrin Hatch to random delegates is OUTRAGED by the media "bashing" Palin. But I haven't seen that AT ALL. Bloggers and talk show hosts, maybe. But they are idiots. The pundits and the journalists (even using the word losely) have kept it about the issues related the story. And nobody is questioning her parenting. Obama has specifically said the kid's kid is not an issue reminding people that he comes from a single parent home (nice self promotion, by the way). Anyhow, XM started asking all the people at the convention who was doing the bashing. Nothing but the ubiquitous "them." I have a favorite new expression. I don't think I am stealing it, but I doubt I am the first to say it - THERE IS NO THEM! And while in politics there likely is, there isn't always a them. And without a single hard example, those attending the convention have slipped easily into the standard "the media is slanted" line that allows them to completely avoid confronting issues. It really is a brilliant strategy. Rove used it to perfection.
Alright I just had to write that down. done.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Time flies...

When you're studying for finals, taking your last one on Thursday, moving temporarily to your family in Beaumont, getting reaquainted with your wife and kids, finally seeing the house you have a contract to purchase, starting a new job on Monday, working your tail off to impress possible future employers, working your tail off to secure financing on the house, figuring out how to completely remodel the house that was built in 1967 and not touched since, going to Houston to see your parents and faimily on Saturday, visiting new churches every Sunday, picking out cabinets, driving a Vespa to work in the rain for two weeks, going to Houston the next Saturday to pick out granite for the house that you still haven't secured financing on, teaching your 7-year old how to ride a bike, driving to a wedding in Bay City, billing 22 hours in 2 days as a 1L summer associate, finalizing financing (a whole other blog later, maybe), finalizing cabinet plans, single-handedly tearing out 2000 sf. of carpet, finishing up the temporary job on Friday, tearing out an entire kitchen on Saturday, moving back to Waco tomorrow and starting the most difficult quarter of a BLS career on Monday.

So. Sorry I haven't posted since before summer finals. But I don't know if I will be posting any time soon either.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Effects of being left to my own devices

I am too busy now to be lonely. That is a good thing. But I am also busy enough to use that as an excuse not to shave. I have only been shaving once a week since Cat moved, usually the day before or the day I leave to see her. But it is now 11 days and counting. At what point does a man become furry, as in covered in fur, a woodland creature if you will. I mean, at some point the neck hair will merge with the chest hair. At this point there is only about half an inch keeping me in this particular genus specie.
pic added for cache (if you know what i mean)

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I don't know that I have ever really been lonely. But this weekend, I think that is the best description of how I feel. I used to relish time to hang out with myself. But I am really missing my girls this weekend. I have studied a little, but spent way too much time just being sully and lonely. I guess it's just another sign that I am a different person than 10 years ago.
Don't get me wrong. I am not sad that I am lonely. I am actually happy about it. But I am not happy. I am lonely. That makes no sense. But it is true. I am so glad that my family is a huge part of my life. And I know Cat misses me a ton, too. The little ladies are too busy being little girls, riding bicycles and swimming, to miss me. So anyhow. It is a lonely, quite night in Waco. And did I mention it's raining?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Keep your hands inside the ride

Dateline Branson. Silver Dollar City. Lost River Ride.
So cat, carebear and ev, the levparents and myself were enjoying the wetness of this tube ride at the strangest themepark on the planet that happens to be in the strangest tourist town on the planet. Seriously. That place is odd. I had heard of three of the "performers" that headline the over three thousand theaters there. And I though all three of them were dead. I mean like really really dead. So there we were on the raft ride and I wasn't getting very wet. Ant this made me happy because I had an 8 hour drive back to Waco. But I was more happy due to the fact that everyone else was getting really wet - because this ride, like every single thing ever in the history of ever, is a competition. And I was going to win. I am a winner. So, when we rounded the fabricated rocks toward another dip in the white waters, I reached out to turn the vessel to keep my in the "dry zone." The boat was heavier, the rapids were stronger and the fake rock was jaggedier than I predicted. I ripped a nice gash in my wrist. But I kept the raft on the right track and stayed dry. I win.

Did I fail to mention the last words of Laura Ingalls as she loaded us into the contraption?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I hope to have one every day.

We picked up E from camp with a k on Monday. I don't really want to go into all my impressions of campwithak. I may or may not do that later. She had a blast. She was immediately talking about wanting to stay for a full month next year. She won an award for being the hardest worker in tennis, her area of concentration. She also informed me that she had accepted Christ into her heart. I have very mixed emotions about this. On one level I am extremely happy that she is understanding more about the relational nature of Christianity. (side note: one kid had on a shirt that read "it's against my relationship to have a religion." i want that shirt.) On the other hand, I am not sure of the evangelical understanding of conversion. My favorite quote on this comes from Rich Mullins. When asked when he had his salvation experience, he replied, (paraphrased) "I hope to have one every day." A daily commitment. That is what I strive and fall way short of on many days in all my relationships. Without it, my marriage is susceptible. I am not as good a father as I could be. I don't study as well as I should. I forget to call old friends or spend time with those around me. My idea of commitment and understanding of God is so different now than when I first learned of who God is and what Christ means in relation to us. When I used to 'preach', I used to say that being a Christian is giving as much as you know of you to as much as you know about God.

Friday, June 27, 2008

One ticket to hell, please.

I just registered for PC. That is Practice Court for those not familiar with Baylor Law and Hell for those that are. I am have been excited about it since I enrolled for law school. But clicking that button to make it real caused me to hesitate ever so slightly. Seriously. I thought for more than a second about not sending the request to be beaten into a better lawyer. But, like I mentioned with E on the bus to camp, sometimes the best thing is scary. The difference is she is out having a blast in the hills and lakes of Missouri while misery is all that awaits me. Ya like that little play on words there, did ya?

Six-Word Memoirs

Hey, ABW, remember when we got on haiku kicks? Well Osler has Haiku Fridays, so I don't need that from you any more. For some reason, this morning, it reminded me of this amazing experiment inspired by Hemingway. I heard about it on my second best source of all my best pop-culture information, Public Radio (Nobody can beat ABW at that game). WARNING. Don't click on the link unless you have at least a quarter-hour to kill.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh.

Two posts in one day. Could be the total lack of sleep. Could be all my new nosy readers.
I took E to Dallas at 4 in the morning to get on the bus to camp with a k. She has been excited since Cat started talking to her about it in the womb. At 7, she is one of the youngest to go. her excitement was still in full force when we showed up at North Park Mall with all the other rich, white people to ship her off to THE Christian sports camp (endorsed by james dobson!). I am sleep deprived and any sarcasm is completely based on that. I am actually exstatic that we can afford to send her and that she will have an amazing experience. I know she will grow in so many ways in these 12 days.
Back to the story if there is one. We arrived and signed in. She got on the bus alone. One minute later she slumped off the bus in tears. Excitement and enthusiasm were replaced with fear and insecurity. It lasted about 20 minutes, until she felt really secure with the grandeur of it all. then it was back to the incredible, outgoing, confident girl she is.
Isn't it that way a lot. We think we are ready. We think we want something big. We prepare for the amazing. But it doesn't meet expectations. It is bigger, scarier, different. Instincts tell us to run to comfort. And it isn't a bad thing to hesitate - just so long as we eventually get back on the bus and let it take us to bigger things.

Restriction is the Mother of Creativity

When Cat was at UHLaw, the SBA (if I remember correctly) would sponsor something with a legal pun name where they served beer on campus for free. That is a no go at Baylor. But the SBA does spend money on us. We get free breakfast and lunch during finals. And we have Immunity Day. Now I don't know if other schools do this, but I love the concept. On Monday and Tuesday there is a table set up where you can "buy" immunity. You donate the specified amount set by each professor to be immune from being called on in class on Immunity Day (or another day if the class happens to not meet on Thursdays). All the money goes to charity. Not-so-coincidentally, SBA also sponsors an off-campus party on the night before Immunity Day. That is tonight at my favorite bar, Treff's. This is my fifth quarter but will be my first time to attend the Immunity Day Eve party. I may or may not report the goings on.

side note - another example of how insane Practice Court is; the price for one day of immunity for the first quarter is $30 - and most people pay it.

Monday, June 23, 2008


George Carlin is dead. I wasn't the biggest fan of the final products, but appreciated the depth of his work. Instead of recalling, a bit of wordsmithery from my own life.

On my way back from Beaumont Sunday, I saw a sign at a church that read,
I passed by leaving the void.

Then, less than an hour I saw a sign reading,
I stopped and got a burger. My void was filled.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

M. Night

I begin with full disclosure - I really dig M. Night. I like all of his movies. I just saw The Happening. And liked it - for the most part (more on that later). I think people are way too hard on him or don't know what to expect. The worst thing that he did was start with 6th Sense. It would have been like Hitchcock starting with Psycho. Seriously. A shock ending like that is so rare. He will never have another one, especially as long as people are looking. Hitchock built up to Psycho. The point of his movies wasn't to have a twist. It was to keep the audience in suspense for 90 minutes. And he succeeded. Even freakin' Birds is suspenseful as we worry if the stars will survive the killer crows. Is that any less believable than plotting plants? If everyone would go into M. Night movies with managed expectations, his movies would be better respected. Maybe we don't need another Hitchcock. Maybe all we need is more Asian baby screams. But I like a good ol' suspense movie. And I think M. Night does them well.
Now as for The Happening - The first 3 minutes, very solid. The next 25 was like he was trying to do something stylistic like make it look like a 12 year old directing his middle school friends all with middle school talent (seriously? a squirting head wound? and the tiger footage? c'mon, M). But then it gets good. It is a classic story of outrunning the doom. And with some good frights built in. Walberg settles into his role (or the audience finally buys into it). The story takes some interesting small twists. There's a creepy old lady which is always suspenseful. I give it a B-. And believe me, after 4 quarters at Baylor Law, I know a B- when I see one.

Friday, June 6, 2008

A the risk of getting a HUGE "I told you so" from Catherine, I must disclose and warn. I am a Monday-Friday Bachelor now. I don't cook. Without a plan, I would eat EVERY meal at a fast food restaurant. So, I took Dan Marino's advice, Dan NEVER WON A SUPERBOWL Marino. I signed up for Nutrisystems.

This food is gross. And I have a month's supply.

My thought was that it would give me food to eat and I wouldn't have to go to the store or think about it. And, maybe, I'd loose a few pounds. I may as well have ordered some multivitamins and chalk.
I tried pretending I was an astronaut and that these were my space meals. Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck made it look so easy. But I would trade places with Bruce on that asteroid before eating just this for another day. So now to stomach it, I eat it until dinner and then eat something normal.
If you are thinking about Nutrisystems, just do yourself a favor and kill yourself, or at least have your tastebuds removed.

Who in the world ever heard of beans in lasagna. But other than seeing the beans, the taste is similar to bad lasagna. I guess that is better than ____________.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Who needs the FRCP, I'm headed to the hoosegow

There are an infinite set of complex rules that a person must follow in order to properly file a lawsuit in federal court, federal rules of civil procedure (frcp). They are THE rules for lawsuits. Anybody who thinks there are people just filing suits left and right doesn't realize the limitations that keep those suits from even getting in the door, at least at the federal level. As a learning, want-to-be, lawyer, these rules are just below the bible and the constitution as far as required reading. And tey are insanely complicated. Many a young lawyer (and sometimes even experienced ones) screw up early in the process.
There is only one group of people who don't have to meet this requirement, prisoners. The Supreme Court has held that so long as it is understandable what they are trying to claim, the courts will fill in the blanks.
This has led me to a difficult decision, but I only see one option. I AM GOING TO JAIL! That's right. As a pro se prisoner plaintiff, I don't have to worry about the frcp. I also don't have to take the bar. And with that out of the way, I will be free to sue the pants off any and every person and company on the planet and beyond, like this guy. You are welcome to join me. These court dockets aren't going to jam themselves up...
And if you aren't up for life behind bars, I am also taking suggestions on the best way to get put behind bars. Looking for a long sentence at a minimum security federal pen. And, if possible, one that can be repealed once one of my suits hits the jackpot.
It's good to finally have a plan.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pains big and small

I did that thing where you pull your fingernail back and pull it away from the skin just a little. no big deal. Unless you then clip the nail and expose that unskinned area. This itsy bitsy abrasion hurts a lot. At least compared to no pain at all, probably not compared to fighting cancer or leaving the boy you love. Which brings me to the real point of this note.
Ev and I are alone this week as Cat and Car(e) are already in Beaumont. Since Ev's bed is packed and the fold out couch is "between rooms," she's been in my bed the last two nights. Last night, about 30 minutes after I put her down, she wondered into the disaster that was once their old room (no worries, nathan. it's clean now). She said with much morose that she couldn't sleep. The conversation as she slowly wanders back to bed.
"What's the matter?"
"I'm just thinking and can't stop."
"What about?"
"I'd rather not say."
"Is it your friends?"
"Is it a boy?"
Reaching the bed she sadly sluffs under the covers and lays her head on the pillow. I sit at her feet realizing that the drive to Bmt tomorrow may be flooded by her little tears. We talked about the boy and how long she has liked him. I shared my first grade crush and my second and third and so on. Surprisingly (or maybe not so considering her depth) Ev seemed to understand that there will be other boys and to enjoy the times she has and still will have in Waco. Either that, or she was finally tired enough to go to sleep.
The latter may have been the case because this morning she got upset on the way to school. When I told her to have a great day, she said, "Well even if I do, I'm not telling you." I really do cherish these days.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Iron Days

So, I happened upon the new Superman movie from last year on TV. It seems like it was trying to tap into the same empowerment and hope that Ironman went after. Ironman worked much better at capturing the hearts of Americans in troubling times (I have no idea if box office numbers reflect this).
Is this because Superman was never narcissistic? We as modern Americans can't relate to someone with the virtues of Superman (even though they tried to make him more relate-able with the affair angle). We grew up just like Tony Stark - lookin' out for number one, my way and all that. But, we like to believe that when faced with ultimate truth of mortality and evil, we'd rise above while still having the luxuries to which we've grown accustomed. And the last line in Ironman was the best commentary. (SPOILER ALERT) Screw anonymity! We want the credit and the glory for anything we do for the greater good.
I am sure there is a lot more out there about this. But I haven't seen it. I am sure a lot more could be said about it, but I don't have the time.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Schizo Chat

My friend (the one who just told me how to spell schizo without knowing my reason for needing the word) had this odd chat today.

Actually, we played a game while studying where he only typed and I only talked. very strange.

Schizo Friend: yes
I don't remember. comedy is less funny the second time around.
8:45 PM Let's say one of the ones where I told wood off
that was good too
I should hope so
it'll annoy him sooner or later
8:46 PM He'll run and tell Anu
I'm thinking
yeah.. basic stuff
assets = liabilities + equity
8:47 PM it's mathematically equivalent
yes, but I wanted it to reiterate
8:48 PM I'd say know the ratios
It's not like they're difficult
8:49 PM It really pisses me off that she taught things that won't be on the test
If it's not important enough to test me whether I got it or not, don't waste my time in the first place
we can just assume I didn't and move on happily with life.
8:50 PM I am. I know less now than I did before.
I'm not going any further
I'm bad at role playing
8:51 PM Are you sure?
When I say know, I mean know correctly
what about naturally forgetting things?
If you don't have access to it, you don't have it
in the pragmatic sense in which I care
8:52 PM a gain realized by the sale of a capital asset
I heard last time nobody failed
what about sudoku?
8:53 PM I'm answering wood's question
or I was
cest la vie
does diet pepsi use nutriweet?
8:54 PM nutrisweet?
you know it chemically breaks down over time into formaldahyde
8:55 PM why does he think we're ahead of him?
8:56 PM I'm sticking with Baylor
Even thought I dislike Waco
8:57 PM that's what I've read. I haven't done my own chemical analysis, but it seems reasonable.
I don't look at the weather.
it's an artificial chemical, and they do weird things
8:58 PM excetpt I have the audio to piece with it
80% chance of not storms
you have to do three nets
long term I am an optimist: everything will work out for the best.
8:59 PM near term, I use murphy's law a lot
it gets me through life
not necessarily
9:00 PM okay. game over.

Actually, we played a game while studying where he only typed and I only talked. Reading it reminds me of Garfield minus Garfield. very strange.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm not an fancy theologian, I'm just a simple caveman.

So, ev asked last night which came first; adam and eve or people who lived in caves. How in the world should i know? But parents have answers, or in the alternative, an entertaining distraction. So, I sat her down, turned on the TV and introduced her to a show that has most, if not all, of life's answers. I am sure you all agree.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sleepovers and Pope Bubbles

1. Ev had a friend over last night. Little girls whisper a lot. And why are people so obsessed with staying up late? I never understood that. I never liked it. When I had friends over in elementary school, I would almost always go to sleep leaving them up watching cheers re-runs or playing Super NES. And last night was more of the same. They were up and going strong when I decided it was time to go to sleep. So I did. Who knows when they'll wake up. For now, I will enjoy saturday morning news videos of the Pope Bubble US Tour 2008. I freakin' love that car. It must have been the inspiration for the Smart Car. I actually saw one (Smart Car, not Popemobile) on 17th Street this week. I guess they are catching on. I would buy one if I didn't have little girls who have sleepovers. And I would use it to go get donuts this morning.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Three lines

Ev: Daddy is the paint on our bed l- leh
Me: No, it isn't lead paint
Ev: Hm, sure does taste funny.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

State of Things

Woke up early this morning with Car(e) and started thinking. I'll blame that on Prof. Osler's blog. That, and it seems that Easter weekend is always a time for me to take a hard look at where I am in relation to where Christ is. And honestly, I am not anywhere near there. I think I have slipped into being a good person. And there is nothing "good" about that. It is not what I am made for. I know that. Even during a time when I am questioning so much about so many things, I still know that there's something more. And not know exactly what it may be is no excuse to not pursue it with purity and passion. Saying more now would be rambling.

Well, what's so wrong with one little ramble. There are so many self-sufficient humans who live with no regard for any god or one other that God. Are they really self-sufficient or just unaware of the enabling they receive? Is that unawareness a hinderence here? Man, I can only imagine what they would accomplish without that handicap. Or is the setback waiting on the other side? That seems awfully sadistic - enabling someone to fail while not even knowing it.

End ramble

Anyhow, Happy Easter.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Home Phone

We have one but never use it. We probably wouldn't if it weren't for our alarm system and Dish Network. This is the opinion of an acquaintance of mine. I like it.
I am still a fan of the home phone, but maybe that's because I'm home now. In fact, I hardly use my cell anymore. I like the idea of the family phone, a medium through which friends and relatives can reach us as a family, and a number that work people don't have. Alan's sister and her husband don't have a home phone, and I've always thought it was odd that I've never once spoken to her husband on the phone, even for two minutes. I also love a home phone because you don't feel compelled to answer it at all hours of the day. Plus, when I have a conversation on the home phone, I usually devote my full attention to the person on the other end. I think that's nice and polite.
What are your thoughts on the home phone? Old-fashioned? Outdated?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Intensive purposes

My friend, The Cachinnator, frequently post conversations with his wife. They are always entertaining. Well, I don't actually talk to my wife. But sometimes when I am sitting in mock trial and she is home with the girls, I get to IM with her. It is just like dating - when you have been married for a while, you take things like communication, interaction and information for granted. Only talking through the written word takes it back to how it was in the early stages - limited interaction, limited information, lots of room for miscommunication.
We actually communicate quite well for a couple that has been through 7 addresses, 4 cities, 3 dogs and 2 daughters. So, we were IMing tonight about Carebear. She is in a stage of intervention. She's got the monkey on her back, big time. The last three nights, though, stone-cold clean. No thumb-sucking. This is not an easy fight. She wants to quit. She has for several months, but we knew that unless she was really ready to do it, it wouldn't work. Grandaddy got some sort of nasty tasting nailpolish on Saturday. So they had a big party apparently and everyone, including Grandaddy put on the the putrid polish. Caroline made me taste it. BLECH! So for two nights it was enough to keep her thumb dry. But this morning, she was sucking away. She had built up a tolerance to this awful taste so that she could get her fix. So tonight, again she is crying about how she can't stop but wants to. It is so sad. What we don't want to do, that we do. So, we help her through it. Actually, Cat is helping her through it. The kid kick way too much for all three of us to share a bed. And hopefully this episode of Intervention will end happily in a week or so, I hope. I miss my bed. Good night from the couch...

Friday, February 22, 2008

I am Robot

I am having a conversation with nawinkler as I write this. He is sitting a couple of rows down in a virtually empty and quiet student lounge. But we choose to communicate basically in binary through a complex series of routers and servers hundreds or even thousands of miles away. He says it is like "the time-honored tradition of passing notes." I never passed notes, except to Jill Moeller in 5th grade a couple of times. I preferred to talk in class. My teachers did not prefer that. He did bring up the funny prank of "ghost-writing" notes in hopes they would get picked up and read aloud to the class. He is a funny guy. And so are you. Don't let anyone tell you different. If you care, below I am posting our conversation from last night - without his permission. Is it funny? I have no idea. I thought so.

Nathan: you have an exoskeleton?
me: no, hillary does
and it is sagging
so is mccain's for that matter
and yours
Nathan: I have one but you donme: correct, robot garbage
Nathan: why don't you have one?
me: because i am not indo-steel-scum
Nathan: When did I get an exoskeleton?
me: when you were manufactured, i suppose, r2jerk2
Nathan: I'm pretty sure I'm flesh and blood and skin and bones
with just enough muscles to keep upright
me: that's what you were programmed to believe
Nathan: What about being sick? Robots don't get you have never been sick. just in need of a tune up
you bucket of bolts, you Nathan: What about being depressed? Do robots get depressed?
me: i would if i was a lifeless ventriloquist's dummy
Nathan: Clinton, McCain, and I are robots. What about Obama?
me: no way, man.
that dude is flesh and blood and blood
Nathan: What about Ron Paul?
What about Ron Paul?
me: he's part robot, like the million dollar man
Nathan: cyborg, then?
me: not really. you are kinda cyborg b/c of your "flesh" exo
Nathan: what about Kucinich?
me: alien
Nathan: I suppose there is a massive conspiracy to make everyone think they're human. Or at least make me think everyone's human?
me: yeah, it's just your chip. the humans, all of us, know. we just don't let on. i hope you don't have a total failure because of this new intel
Nathan: I think I'm okay. I'll just be like, "well, they're probably not human. who cares?" when I'm a jerk to people.
me: you'll be right approximately 32% of the time
Nathan: Is this assuming I'm a jerk to people randomly, or to only those people who have demonstrated they don't care about my feelings?
me: oh, if they don't demonstrate, they are always humans.
you slags are programmed to not by rude to other "humans"
Nathan: okay. I'll be like, "Oh well--they're human--who cares?"
me: if your programming allows
Nathan: Did you see that episode of futurama where Fry was convinced he was a robot?
me: no, we humans don't find that show entertaining
do you?
Nathan: I both find it entertaining and remember that episode
me: gross
and obviously you remember it

did your battery die?
Nathan: no. why?
me: just got quiet
i am witty right now, you tin-damned-can
Nathan: you were going on quite a rant. I didn't want to interrupt.
me: you skin covered candy machine you soft-shelled hard-headed heartless brainiac
you pre-programmed shim-shamming sleepless slag
you lifeless, liverless (did you know that you didn't have a liver)
as i was saying
Nathan: I can't say I'm suprised
me: you lifeless liverless skadumptydump
it does explain your low tolerence
which is it, c3peepehead?
Nathan: Am I a spellcheck robot?
Low tolerance for what?
me: all of you are
for alcohol, keep up, rosie the jetson maid
What ya got Johnny 5?
Did you leave? are you having some shots of oil with Tom Servo?
Nathan: Did you leave the Obama support group on facebook?
me: and Crow?
yeah. i was trying to find a more official one
he still has my support
i will not let another robot run this country
Nathan: you're just one voice among 300 million+
me: that is where you are wrong. i control the votes of approximately 32% of voting age american "citizens"
Nathan: what percentage of that percentage is registered? And how are they spread out compared to the electoral college? me: almost all. which makes it a majority of registered voters.
Nathan: Has Obama locked up the nomination yet?
me: all i can say about electoral college is that there are 5 registered robots in Wymoing and none in New Hampshire
Nathan: why do you refer to your exoskeleton in your status if you don't have one?
me: it is as if hillary is talking. your witchip needs an update
Nathan: does Obama have the nomination locked up yet?
me: no
but he will after march 2
there is no way hillary wins either tx or ohio
Nathan: If you control so many votes, how come he doesn't have it yet?
me: dude, i have control. i don't always shose to use it.
it's like free will
but not absolute
Nathan: when it's something this important, why do you leave free will? me: for fun
but i will not allow the florida or michigan primaries to count
and i prefer to call the "superdelegates"- "break glass in case of emergency" delegates
Nathan: but with your control, what could possibly be an emergency?
me: if i forget or somethin
programming robots isn't my only hobby
i am trying to get a law degree after all
oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, ****** is a robot.
thus the A Nathan: any other professors?
me: I'd rather not say. But we have at least two right now.
and have had two others
Bates is certainly NOT a robot
again, alien
Nathan: okay, well spread the wealth with those A's please
me: robots are programmed to keep robots down.
i can't override that
it is part of my plan
Nathan: Did you get the tax worksheet done?
me: huh?
have to go be a neglegent doctor now.
I hope to not be back.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is we ready?

I was at the gym today-seriously, i was working out my muscles and everything. So this trainer lady and two older fellas (I guess that gives away that strengthen my body sculpture at WRS-i have no idea what that stands for) started talking politics behind the machine I had enlisted to turn my chest into two firm hairy mounds of manstrength. The lady gal said that there was no way Hillary or Obama could win because the country wasn't ready for a female or black president. How can she say that? Why would she say that?
Obviously, the democratic party is more than ready. The field started with several qualified white men, governors and senators representing a wide range of view within the party. They are all gone and the black man and white woman are all that is left. Not only is the party ready, but they are excited. Voter turnout is unbelievable for this primary season. Moreover, polls show that Obama leads McCain in head to head competition for the overall election. This isn't just young voters. Even those of us in the 30-45 range cannot remember a time before civil rights.
So why do people keep saying this? Because they are one of the few left that aren't ready.
Well get ready, folks or pack up because come this time next year, we will have an historic president, a first representing a group that wasn't allowed to vote at the start of this great experiment.
My brain muscle is sore. So are my pecks.

Monday, February 11, 2008

network tv blows

I cannot imagine not having satellite television or cable. seriously, the vast majority of shows I enjoy are not on the big 4. Tonite I watched Whitest Kids U Know on IFC and Breaking Bad on AMC. Whitest Kids is from the producers of Kids in the Hall and has a very similar feel, only uncensored (and they do let you know it). I think the first season was on Fuse, the only channel less known than IFC. But the new season is strong. Check em out on youtube. But be warned, this stuff is rated very R.
As for Breaking Bad, three episodes have aired, but I have only seen the premier (will start episode 2 as soon as I post this). The show is amazingly realistic for a show about a chemestry teacher turned meth cooker EXCEPT that this guy who is portrayed so well by Bryan Cranston has a waxed back. Anybody who is that hairy doesn't have a smooth, hairless back. I know this. Just trust me. But anyway, outside of that, the show is really awesome.
That is all.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Yeah, so I always suspected that while a lot of people look like idiots with mustachios that ddk could rock it like Frank Zappa. Damned if I wasn't right. So maybe I had a little too much time on my hands after finals.

ddk is a 2L

Downtime is one of those things that you don't realize you need until you get it. The last few weeks has been hell. I am not saying that lightly. Seriously, Cat and Carebear have been sick, the girls have started violin lessons, Cat's been in Cat (on a Hot Tin Roof) at the Civ - saw it last night; she was great, the show was pretty good (it is showing next friday and saturday). And I have gotten onto a mock trial team. Oh yeah, I had 4 finals. I honestly don't remember a busier start to a year. And this is my 32nd time to do this.

Because of that, downtime became history. And today, the first relatively free day I have had in forever has been amazing. My spirit is revived. My attitude is much better. If I have offended any of you, other than the BLS IT guys, I am sorry. Let's hang out soon. I Promise a better me.

I spent three whole hours today by myself with no obligations. It was fan-freakin-tastic. Mountain biking, going to the WRS whirlpool, driving the long way home. And I am finally starting my blog. We'll see how long this lasts...

All of this was basically an excuse to reflect. I am so blessed. Cat is a great wife, not the best homemaker, but an absolutely wonderful soulmate. Ev is just about the most thoughtful and brilliant 1st grader on the planet. And Carebear is Hi-larious. She can make me laugh even when she is about to get spanked.

I am getting an amazing education that will help me provide for these three ladies better than before. And I love learning the law - no matter what I said last week.

So, there it is, 6 weeks of hell is over. I am done with my first year of law school. And I am blessed and refreshed. That pretty much sums it up.