Monday, March 17, 2008

Home Phone

We have one but never use it. We probably wouldn't if it weren't for our alarm system and Dish Network. This is the opinion of an acquaintance of mine. I like it.
I am still a fan of the home phone, but maybe that's because I'm home now. In fact, I hardly use my cell anymore. I like the idea of the family phone, a medium through which friends and relatives can reach us as a family, and a number that work people don't have. Alan's sister and her husband don't have a home phone, and I've always thought it was odd that I've never once spoken to her husband on the phone, even for two minutes. I also love a home phone because you don't feel compelled to answer it at all hours of the day. Plus, when I have a conversation on the home phone, I usually devote my full attention to the person on the other end. I think that's nice and polite.
What are your thoughts on the home phone? Old-fashioned? Outdated?


Anonymous said...

Unnecessary. If it weren't for our alarm system we'd have dumped ours already. And our next place will have a different kind of alarm system. Down with the landline!

Amy said...

Brilliant commentary by and obviously brilliant person.