Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Schizo Chat

My friend (the one who just told me how to spell schizo without knowing my reason for needing the word) had this odd chat today.

Actually, we played a game while studying where he only typed and I only talked. very strange.

Schizo Friend: yes
I don't remember. comedy is less funny the second time around.
8:45 PM Let's say one of the ones where I told wood off
that was good too
I should hope so
it'll annoy him sooner or later
8:46 PM He'll run and tell Anu
I'm thinking
yeah.. basic stuff
assets = liabilities + equity
8:47 PM it's mathematically equivalent
yes, but I wanted it to reiterate
8:48 PM I'd say know the ratios
It's not like they're difficult
8:49 PM It really pisses me off that she taught things that won't be on the test
If it's not important enough to test me whether I got it or not, don't waste my time in the first place
we can just assume I didn't and move on happily with life.
8:50 PM I am. I know less now than I did before.
I'm not going any further
I'm bad at role playing
8:51 PM Are you sure?
When I say know, I mean know correctly
what about naturally forgetting things?
If you don't have access to it, you don't have it
in the pragmatic sense in which I care
8:52 PM a gain realized by the sale of a capital asset
I heard last time nobody failed
what about sudoku?
8:53 PM I'm answering wood's question
or I was
cest la vie
does diet pepsi use nutriweet?
8:54 PM nutrisweet?
you know it chemically breaks down over time into formaldahyde
8:55 PM why does he think we're ahead of him?
8:56 PM I'm sticking with Baylor
Even thought I dislike Waco
8:57 PM that's what I've read. I haven't done my own chemical analysis, but it seems reasonable.
I don't look at the weather.
it's an artificial chemical, and they do weird things
8:58 PM excetpt I have the audio to piece with it
80% chance of not storms
you have to do three nets
long term I am an optimist: everything will work out for the best.
8:59 PM near term, I use murphy's law a lot
it gets me through life
not necessarily
9:00 PM okay. game over.

Actually, we played a game while studying where he only typed and I only talked. Reading it reminds me of Garfield minus Garfield. very strange.

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