Sunday, October 26, 2008

Separate Celebrations

Confusing title, I know. But I don't have much time and really need to get this down. Today is Catherine's birthday.
I am not with her.
That stinks. A lot.
Especially since in addition to celebrating the special day in the life of my favorite person on the planet, I want to be with her to celebrate my national championship!
Yup. Four boys from little 'ol Waco went all the way up to the cold and daunting campus of Michigan State and beat out 25 other teams to win the National Trial Advocacy Competition. It was amazing. We got back today. And it is back to studying like crazy for PC (finals start in 6 days).
So, I am here in Waco. Catherine is there in Beaumont with the girls. And we celebrate apart. I want to include what I wrote to her this morning. I just want everyone else to know how much I love her, too.

I am so thankful to call you my wife. You are an amazing woman. I have thought about you so much this trip and really wished this tournament would have been any other weekend. You are my heart. You are the one I think of when my mind isn't "working". You are the one I remember when I need inspiration. You are the one I imagine when my heart is lonely. You are the one I rush to whenever I can. You are nothing I ever expected. You know that. You know how much I wasn't looking for you. And you know how absolutely blessed I am that, in spite of not looking, I found you. My wife. My love. My passion.

Alright. Back to work...


Nathan said...

Hey! Congratulations on the championship! Remember when you weren't sure you'd make a team?

alexis said...

firstly, thank you for sharing that. your wife sounds wonderful. happy birthday to her.

secondly, congratulations! nice work.