Wednesday, November 5, 2008

As Yakov Smirnoff says

I am one of the people who admits to race being a factor in my vote. Not the only factor, or even a major factor - but a factor nonetheless. And I thought about whether, with all that will be said, to say anything in this format or not.
But I do want to express the feeling of gratitude and grace that came upon me this morning.
Not last night as I listened to an amazing American calling for a united country to move forward after losing a hard fought campaign - although that was a phenomenal speech that almost made me tear up.
Not as I watched tears stream down the weathered faces of those who fought for the right to go to the same schools as my parents - although that brought many thoughts of my grandfather's character and the past that I come from, both positive and negative.
Not as I listened to out next president take time to talk about his daughters' new puppy. That just reminded me of Sugar Bear running down the hall screaming "Mommy" when Jade barked at him at my 4th grade birthday party.
It was this morning. It was the next day and the normalcy of it all. Peaceful transfer of power. That is democracy. That is freedom.
And I am extatic that my children live in a world where a PTA mom from Alaska can be the vice-presidential nominee.
And I am amazed that the past two democratic presidents have come from non-political families - single parent homes at that - while the past two republican presidents came from (the same) political families and old money. Maybe that is why I am leaning more towards the democratic party these days. I need some idealism. And they seem to live theirs out at proof.


CeeCee said...

i love you but try spell check. it is your friend.

alexis said...

this is a great post. i think the world needs more idealism. i know i do, for sure.

nice work!