Friday, July 10, 2009


I have a lot of lasts coming up. Most of them really good.  Last law school exam.  Last day to study for the bar.  LAST DAY OF THE BAR. Last day living in Waco (I'll miss it, but I miss the girls more).  And last day to be unemployed.

Today is the first last.  Last day of classes.  Last law school class.  Actually, this is kinda bittersweet.  I have so enjoyed the learning environment here.  I remember very well the first day of law school classes.  It was truly invigorating.  WJC and the Fuse.  I can't think of a better pair to launch into this experience.  Then Cordon and Salzmann joined the Four (way) Under Forty that led us through that rainy summer of 2007.  The grass was unusually green.  We were just the right amount of green - eager, envious of those further down the path and completely and expectedly inept.  It was a good place to be.

I loved everything about that first summer, but most of all the classes.  Preparing, learning.  Staying on your toes so Counseller wouldn't destroy you.  Watching Fusellier throw stuff at SterBur.  Reminiscing about the fabulous carreer of Eric Stoltz with Salzmann.  Talking Cowboys preseason and parental beatdowns with Cordon.  And above all being stretched more intellectually than I truly thought possible.  Yet even on this very last day, Benham (a terrific adjunct) mixes experience, antecdotes and brand new caselaw to show me how little I still know.  Such is the law.  All I can hope is that before it is all over, I will see more projectiles sent SterBur's way.


alexis said...

kendall, i didn't really understand most of what you said, except that you'll be out of law school and get to see your family more. so, yay for that!

STB2 said...