Saturday, October 31, 2009

Growing up

It has happened. A rite of passage no child believes will come, but every "adult" should experience.

I have an announcement to make.
Twinkies are no longer good.

More to the point, they are gross and have been for quite some time. At what age does this happen? Is it linked to a passage of years or certain life events. When does the goo-filled sponge become no more than sponge? Even my memory of eating them as a child is tainted. I can't remember them ever tasting good. I don't even want to try one deep-fried.

Hostess, what deviltry are you performing on our innocent youth?


Nathan said...

Maybe they used to be good, but Hostess changed the recipe?

Kristi said...

Actually - anything deep fried and drenched with powdered surger is good. That's right, I said - ANYTHING!