Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Getting Edgy

Ok, I love politics as a spectator sport. Seriously, what a bunch of whack jobs. I was so excited with the Palin pick. I thought it did away with many of the superfluous arguments about minority, experience, outsider/insider, etc. I thought we were going to have a real debate on the issues. Then Jamie Lynn Spears had to go and send Palin's daughter gifts of support. Anyhow, the thing that I have to say something about is the insanity from the RNC floor. Listening to Pouts '08 on XM (the best coverage around) is driving me mad. Every person they talk to, from Orrin Hatch to random delegates is OUTRAGED by the media "bashing" Palin. But I haven't seen that AT ALL. Bloggers and talk show hosts, maybe. But they are idiots. The pundits and the journalists (even using the word losely) have kept it about the issues related the story. And nobody is questioning her parenting. Obama has specifically said the kid's kid is not an issue reminding people that he comes from a single parent home (nice self promotion, by the way). Anyhow, XM started asking all the people at the convention who was doing the bashing. Nothing but the ubiquitous "them." I have a favorite new expression. I don't think I am stealing it, but I doubt I am the first to say it - THERE IS NO THEM! And while in politics there likely is, there isn't always a them. And without a single hard example, those attending the convention have slipped easily into the standard "the media is slanted" line that allows them to completely avoid confronting issues. It really is a brilliant strategy. Rove used it to perfection.
Alright I just had to write that down. done.

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