Saturday, August 23, 2008

Time flies...

When you're studying for finals, taking your last one on Thursday, moving temporarily to your family in Beaumont, getting reaquainted with your wife and kids, finally seeing the house you have a contract to purchase, starting a new job on Monday, working your tail off to impress possible future employers, working your tail off to secure financing on the house, figuring out how to completely remodel the house that was built in 1967 and not touched since, going to Houston to see your parents and faimily on Saturday, visiting new churches every Sunday, picking out cabinets, driving a Vespa to work in the rain for two weeks, going to Houston the next Saturday to pick out granite for the house that you still haven't secured financing on, teaching your 7-year old how to ride a bike, driving to a wedding in Bay City, billing 22 hours in 2 days as a 1L summer associate, finalizing financing (a whole other blog later, maybe), finalizing cabinet plans, single-handedly tearing out 2000 sf. of carpet, finishing up the temporary job on Friday, tearing out an entire kitchen on Saturday, moving back to Waco tomorrow and starting the most difficult quarter of a BLS career on Monday.

So. Sorry I haven't posted since before summer finals. But I don't know if I will be posting any time soon either.


Nathan said...

Kendall wins

Prof. Osler said...

You had me at "Vespa."

Neil Hoppe said...


I'm so there.

You have described my life with different details, though I do wish I had a vespa.

I obviously just found your blog, as given away by the three comments in as many minutes.

And for the had ME as diadelkendall...that's an AWESOME name.

(Diadeloso was ever my favorite day @BU)