Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I started a twitter account with every intention of being a productive part of the "twitterverse." But that crap is nonsense. So now is a haven for twitter's lone naysayer (or should i say "naytweeter"? no. i should not).

If you are on there, follow me to freedom. And suggestions are always welcome.

Here's some samples
Why twitter blows #1 - your mom does it.

Why twitter blows #3 - "Tweet"? Seriously? That's what they settled on? Dirt dobbers.

Why twitter blows # 4 (from Dave) - "if I'm on facebook, what does Twitter add for me-I've got an account, but can't figure out why I care."


alexis said...

seriously. i joined twitter a few months back, and gave it up about three days later. i just don't get it.

also, just saying that makes me feel SO freaking OLD.

Kristi said...

At his concert the other night, George Lopez said, "If you twitter, you're a Hoto".