Friday, September 18, 2009


has its ups and downs. Tonight we used our very cool teppanyaki grill with seated dining. Here's a pic of me when I was an Asian chef.

Food was surprisingly good for my first shot. But there is a MAJOR smoke problem. We bought the best vent hood we could get without going commercial. we should have gone commercial. As I type this in the furthest room from the kitchen, the smell of soy and oil permeates my nostrils as well as my skin. It would be all up in my hair if I had any. We'll have to fix that.

Then, just as I was putting the girls down and preparing to blog about something amazing, E informed me that her bed was wet. It's been 5 years at least since that was a problem for her. Well, the culprit was not a full bladder, but water dripping from the ac vent above her head. seems the drip pan drain was clogged. So, after some time moving her in with her sis and working in the attic which has blown insulation (WHICH I HATE!), I am clean and sleepy. I get to sleep in until at least 7 tomorrow. Soccer season is a cruel invention. No regrets

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