Thursday, September 17, 2009

Positive Motivation

I received many accolades during my time at BLaw. But this may be my newest favorite. Seriously, nothing was more a part of my daily routine during my time there than the Razor. Though I never had any of his classes, I got to do an independent study for Osler working on his awesome book and some other writings. He was also helpful in getting me a coveted internship with the Judge. and in putting me in contact with my now senior associate at PU. What a great guy. Just having him read is enough to make me want to be more faithful in keeping up with this.

The rest of y'all just don't really matter.

Just kidding, Alexis.

But seriously, the rest of you, I could care less.


Mark Osler said...

Geez-- now I have to read every day! Which I would anyways.

CeeCee said...

At least someone is reading this nonsense. Belch.