Monday, December 14, 2009

Grown Up Christmas List

Amy can have her "love can heal our hearts." This is what I want.

I want Caroline to not become a mean girl.
I want Evie to learn how to manage stress.
I want to go skiing. It was so much fun last time...TEN YEARS AGO.
I want to not want so much stuff.
I want a home theater system worthy of our awesome chairs.
I want to actually use the elliptical I bought Catherine (and me) for Christmas (it's okay, UPS already told her about it).
I want to have time to read a book at least every two weeks.
I want to have the time to train a dog well so we can finally get and KEEP one.
I want to go to the movies without the kids.
I want our garage and sunroom and carport to be cleaned up.
I want to concrete our entire backyard.
I want a copy of Osler's new Christmas Mix.
I want to finally go see my best friend in Spain.
I want to be able to do the K and R Show again.
I want to be able to take the girls skating over the Chrismas holiday.
I want to go to trial before my birthday.


Mark Osler said...

email me your address, and I can take care of one of those...

jposttx said...

Well - it looks like your list went pretty well - you did have a trial...and you may have gotten that Christmas Mix.....