Sunday, March 21, 2010

Three months? Really?

Wow. Okay. I know all five of y'all have been yearning for my musings. I apologize. In the last three months, I have had/won my first trial, seen my youngest turn 6, gotten a great recovery for my client in my first mediation (on my 34th birthday) watched the NBA All-Star game and Monster Jam from an owner's suite at Cowboys Stadium, officiated my uncle's funeral (another first), and had a ton of amusing thoughts. My lack of posts hasnt' been due to a lack of ideas or topics to wax poetic about. Problem is, you guys aren't a top priority. My evenings are spent trying to squeeze as much out of my 2-3 hours a day I have with the girls. Then I crash. Oh, and there is this.
Talk about burying the lead.


numeroUNO said...
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STB2 said...

We should share a blog... maybe get a few others. That way we can all make one post every 3 months... as long as it's not the same month.