Monday, October 25, 2010

Bill White for Texas

A few of the reasons I am voting FOR Bill White -

Generally, I do not think Perry has done anything remarkable for Texas. He is a friend of big business, but that isn't enough. Bill White is no enemy of businesses. In fact, when he worked for Clinton, his job was basically to teach other countries capitalism. I also think Perry is less than stellar at representing our state to the world. When the national press mentions Perry, it is usually because he has said something outlandish to get media attention, like secession or not accepting federal funds (which he always ends up accepting). But I am not simply voting against Perry. If that were the case, I would not vote.

I am voting for Bill White. I am voting for him because three issues I care about that the governor can affect are better entrusted to White. First, Texas courts have been closed down to countless victims of compensable negligence (probably the worst state at this point) by the legislature and supreme and appellate courts filled with Perry appointees. Then when people who champion those rights get legislation through both houses, Perry vetoes it. Bill White would allow the processes in place correct imbalance in the system.

Second, our state has fallen FAR behind in education. Having two daughters in elementary school, this is an issue I care deeply about. Bill White has championed education even as a Mayor with little influence on the process. This is his primary campaign focus. And I believe he will be in a position to encourage education by supporting teachers, refocusing funding and working with the local districts to encourage better performance.

Finally, Bill White has integrity the position needs and values I agree with. Long before seeking any political office, Bill Whitewas (and still is) a Sunday School teacher. The values that should accompany a committed Christian are evident even in his official actions. When Katrina ravaged New Orleans, he rallied the people of Houston to help. And they did. That type of compassion is missing from our current governor's office. Perry is much quicker to ask for help than volunteer to give it.

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