Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fireballs Fly

More years ago than I would like to admit, I started an Independence Day tradition with my friends - Roman Candle War. Up until last Sunday, it hadn't happened in years. But the stars aligned this year. We were in North Texas at my parents' house for their annual celebration; many of my friends were able to make it. Many other idiots were there as well. And we had roman candles. Lots of them. (and safety goggles for all - that started year 2...)

13 grown-ass men gathered in a 3 acre field. Each were given a lighter and 13-14 sticks with 10 shots each. That is and always has been the entire premise/set-up. as people spread out, somebody lights the first fuse and the war is on. Alliances were formed, which is rare. I was shot a lot, which is common. I got winded, which is new.

It is such a fun experience shooting flaming balls from a mini-cannon at your friends. Actually, I didn't know many of the people. That didn't make the shooting any less fun. But warring with friends makes for better conversation afterwards.

I thought about tying this up with some analogy or something else ethereal but decided against it. Roman candles stand alone.

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