Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A drink of water and little pity

I have an amazing wife. I don't get the chance to brag on her much these days as all of our friends appear to have moved from the wonderful, nurturing bosom that is Beaumont, TX. So I will brag here.

Sunday morning my back went out on me. All the way out. So bad that I couldn't walk to the bathroom sunday night. I literally could not walk for two days. Even today my walk strongly resembled all the grace and delicacy of Charles Laughton's Hunchback (pictured above).*

Most people only see the public "us." We are one of those couples that jousts and jests a lot in public and enjoy witty repartee, so much so that it makes people uncomfortable sometimes (which only eggs her's okay folks - we've been together a dozen years - it's always been like this). But most people don't see how tender and maternal she really is. That is what makes my wife so amazing. One minute she can be busting balls so hard she puts the members of the Friar's Club to shame. Then, when I or the girls or a close friend need it, she instantaneously snaps into Nightingale mode.

These last few days she has taken care of all of her duties around the house, handled all my chores, took care of "your stupid dog," prepared CG for Kamp, sent care packages and letters to EG at Kamp, planned a last minute trip for the two of us to Mexico with layovers in Dallas and Branson (hard to explain - harder to do), packed for us and CG to be gone for 10 days in 3 cities, and all the while made sure I had anything my grumpy, helpless self needed, even

She really is amazing. It isn't that I can't imagine being married to anyone else. I am sure if I tried I could imagine it. But why would I want to. We aren't perfect. But we are perfect for each other - well, she is perfect for me.

*The title is a quote from the same film - Quasimodo's response to why he cares for Esmeralda enough to rescue her.

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