Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is we ready?

I was at the gym today-seriously, i was working out my muscles and everything. So this trainer lady and two older fellas (I guess that gives away that strengthen my body sculpture at WRS-i have no idea what that stands for) started talking politics behind the machine I had enlisted to turn my chest into two firm hairy mounds of manstrength. The lady gal said that there was no way Hillary or Obama could win because the country wasn't ready for a female or black president. How can she say that? Why would she say that?
Obviously, the democratic party is more than ready. The field started with several qualified white men, governors and senators representing a wide range of view within the party. They are all gone and the black man and white woman are all that is left. Not only is the party ready, but they are excited. Voter turnout is unbelievable for this primary season. Moreover, polls show that Obama leads McCain in head to head competition for the overall election. This isn't just young voters. Even those of us in the 30-45 range cannot remember a time before civil rights.
So why do people keep saying this? Because they are one of the few left that aren't ready.
Well get ready, folks or pack up because come this time next year, we will have an historic president, a first representing a group that wasn't allowed to vote at the start of this great experiment.
My brain muscle is sore. So are my pecks.

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