Monday, February 11, 2008

network tv blows

I cannot imagine not having satellite television or cable. seriously, the vast majority of shows I enjoy are not on the big 4. Tonite I watched Whitest Kids U Know on IFC and Breaking Bad on AMC. Whitest Kids is from the producers of Kids in the Hall and has a very similar feel, only uncensored (and they do let you know it). I think the first season was on Fuse, the only channel less known than IFC. But the new season is strong. Check em out on youtube. But be warned, this stuff is rated very R.
As for Breaking Bad, three episodes have aired, but I have only seen the premier (will start episode 2 as soon as I post this). The show is amazingly realistic for a show about a chemestry teacher turned meth cooker EXCEPT that this guy who is portrayed so well by Bryan Cranston has a waxed back. Anybody who is that hairy doesn't have a smooth, hairless back. I know this. Just trust me. But anyway, outside of that, the show is really awesome.
That is all.

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