Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Effects of being left to my own devices

I am too busy now to be lonely. That is a good thing. But I am also busy enough to use that as an excuse not to shave. I have only been shaving once a week since Cat moved, usually the day before or the day I leave to see her. But it is now 11 days and counting. At what point does a man become furry, as in covered in fur, a woodland creature if you will. I mean, at some point the neck hair will merge with the chest hair. At this point there is only about half an inch keeping me in this particular genus specie.
pic added for cache (if you know what i mean)


Anonymous said...

Don't tell stories like that without posting a picture. Seriously.

diadelkendall said...

learning from the master. that's what i am doing.

Anonymous said...

Dude. Duuuuuude. I know it's been awhile since this post, so I am hoping you aren't one GIANT ball of beard/chest pube, and I am just speaking from a "wife and daughter" POV. I seriously hope for the future well being of your girls that you shaved before they saw you :) :) Though I'm pretty certain if Patrick (the hub) COULD grow it out he absolutely would. Hi-larious!


Anonymous said...

Uh, Lamb, I guess I should add. And is well being one or two words??