Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have THE solution for the economy

The fact is, I didn't come up with the solution. Others have websites devoted to implementing it.

But it so obtainable. The answer is right in front of our eyes. It makes so much sense I want to dropkick a Furby.

It has been brought up from time to time. Some major companies dabbled with it during the gas price crisis of 2008 (remember that?). A school district in Florida has it up for a vote. One entire state has experimented with it.

It doesn't just fix the economy, it fixes EVERYTHING.
(slogan the sole property of kendall)

C'mon, people. This makes sense. All the productivity, all the consumer spending, 20% less utility cost to businesses, 20% less commuter pollution, 50% more days with the family, 50% more days to spend at the mall.

Imagine. Instead of rushing kids to after school activities in the 3 hours between school and bed, you could do all that stuff on Fridays.

Wednesday wouldn't be hump-day. We wouldn't need it. I don't even think we'd complain about Monday if we only have three more days to the weekend. We probably wouldn't ever complain about anything ever in this new 4DWW eutopia.

There is no downside. NONE. Point out the flaws. I dare ya.

Point out the downside. I dare you.

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