Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lame Ripoff

I have been convinced for years that THEY are monitoring my thoughts and using all the great ideas I never have the resources to set in motion. It normally hasn't bothered me because, again, I didn't have the resources to pull it off anyhow.
The ideas are always nearly identical to mine and are always successful. So I take it as affirmation of my ability to be a fabulously wealthy entrepreneur at some point. It's that first million that is holding me back. Once I have that, the sky is the limit.

BUT THIS ONE ANNOYS ME. It doesn't annoy me because I was ready to make money off of it. I didn't even ever plan to make money off this one. This one was for me and my friends. If any of you have ever had the chance to darken the lanes of a bowling alley in my company, you have probably had the honor and privilege of participating in the greatness that is Kendall Bowling. What the name lacks in panache, the game more than makes up for in unnecessary intricacy and arbitrary rules. Without getting into such minutia I will say this; the basic premise is to get the highest score possible without getting a strike or spare (either of which will eliminate you from the game) or a gutter ball (which subtracts points from your score). It is not as easy as it sounds. Most rounds end with only one person NOT knocking down all the pins.

Nobody has ever not had a blast playing this game. And with good reason, it is brilliant.

But now, the corporate big wigs are trying to profit from it. And like corporate big wigs always do, they have dumbed it down and sucked all the brilliance out of it for their own gain. GutterBowling IS NOT great. It is lame. It is sold as something that requires no skill. It lies. a skilled bowler can win this game every time. They just turned it into (with all due respect) white trash golf. Where's the chance? Where's the capreciousness? WHERE'S THE KENDALLNESS?


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Prof. Osler said...

Oh, man, that is so sad. I'm so sorry, dude.