Monday, February 9, 2009


Apparently one of our SBA executives had an idea to have sporks instead of spoons AND forks in the student lounge. And the reason given was to possibly save money while continuing to meet the needs of the students.

ALRIGHT, LISTEN. This is not logical. If I need a utensil, I need a utensil. Rarely, if ever, does anyone use both a spoon and a fork at the same time (unless it is a soup and salad meal). Therefore, they will be getting a spoon or fork or spork. The same amount of utensils will be used. The only way this plan works to save money is the rare occasion someone is eating soup and salad. But the frustration of trying to get a proper amount of ruffage on those tiny little prongs of a spork and likewise having the soup leak through the same useless prongs will lead to nobody using any utensils. As a slob of an individual with little regard to manners and etiquette, I have no problem with this idea. SBA, all the way.

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Prof. Osler said...

It is worth it just for the opportunity to use the word "spork."