Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh.

Two posts in one day. Could be the total lack of sleep. Could be all my new nosy readers.
I took E to Dallas at 4 in the morning to get on the bus to camp with a k. She has been excited since Cat started talking to her about it in the womb. At 7, she is one of the youngest to go. her excitement was still in full force when we showed up at North Park Mall with all the other rich, white people to ship her off to THE Christian sports camp (endorsed by james dobson!). I am sleep deprived and any sarcasm is completely based on that. I am actually exstatic that we can afford to send her and that she will have an amazing experience. I know she will grow in so many ways in these 12 days.
Back to the story if there is one. We arrived and signed in. She got on the bus alone. One minute later she slumped off the bus in tears. Excitement and enthusiasm were replaced with fear and insecurity. It lasted about 20 minutes, until she felt really secure with the grandeur of it all. then it was back to the incredible, outgoing, confident girl she is.
Isn't it that way a lot. We think we are ready. We think we want something big. We prepare for the amazing. But it doesn't meet expectations. It is bigger, scarier, different. Instincts tell us to run to comfort. And it isn't a bad thing to hesitate - just so long as we eventually get back on the bus and let it take us to bigger things.

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