Friday, June 6, 2008

A the risk of getting a HUGE "I told you so" from Catherine, I must disclose and warn. I am a Monday-Friday Bachelor now. I don't cook. Without a plan, I would eat EVERY meal at a fast food restaurant. So, I took Dan Marino's advice, Dan NEVER WON A SUPERBOWL Marino. I signed up for Nutrisystems.

This food is gross. And I have a month's supply.

My thought was that it would give me food to eat and I wouldn't have to go to the store or think about it. And, maybe, I'd loose a few pounds. I may as well have ordered some multivitamins and chalk.
I tried pretending I was an astronaut and that these were my space meals. Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck made it look so easy. But I would trade places with Bruce on that asteroid before eating just this for another day. So now to stomach it, I eat it until dinner and then eat something normal.
If you are thinking about Nutrisystems, just do yourself a favor and kill yourself, or at least have your tastebuds removed.

Who in the world ever heard of beans in lasagna. But other than seeing the beans, the taste is similar to bad lasagna. I guess that is better than ____________.


Anonymous said...

Try putting a little Tony Chacherie's on it. Can't hurt.

STB2 said...

Yea do the Chacherie's, and then go with the Smart Ones.