Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Restriction is the Mother of Creativity

When Cat was at UHLaw, the SBA (if I remember correctly) would sponsor something with a legal pun name where they served beer on campus for free. That is a no go at Baylor. But the SBA does spend money on us. We get free breakfast and lunch during finals. And we have Immunity Day. Now I don't know if other schools do this, but I love the concept. On Monday and Tuesday there is a table set up where you can "buy" immunity. You donate the specified amount set by each professor to be immune from being called on in class on Immunity Day (or another day if the class happens to not meet on Thursdays). All the money goes to charity. Not-so-coincidentally, SBA also sponsors an off-campus party on the night before Immunity Day. That is tonight at my favorite bar, Treff's. This is my fifth quarter but will be my first time to attend the Immunity Day Eve party. I may or may not report the goings on.

side note - another example of how insane Practice Court is; the price for one day of immunity for the first quarter is $30 - and most people pay it.

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